Saturday, March 9, 2013

new home

I signed a five year lease on an apartment which is unfurnished.

This is to be my first home in nine years.

And, my first home ever in which I will not have to store any of the family's stuff.

My mother, Betty Waldo Parish

had a fine collection of art both her own and other from other artists which my nephew and now.. welll. me again because i confess that after i had given away every bit that she left in my care to the Asheville Art Museum ten years ago.... I missed having her art around.

So I bought a piece.

anyway.. my nephew, also cursed with the child of an artist custodian curse.. will never be free of his fathers work since it is of metal and for sale with a lot of zeros.. but the man seems to like the biz

My brother;s son Matthew did a great job with his fathers work.

Now if all of you bought a piece as well.

It would make my mother's ghost happy.

Happy Women's Day