Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hispaniola - Birthplace of America

First European colony, first university, first destruction of the indigenous population, first slave rebellion, first independent Black nation, home of Ponce de Leon who discovered Florida. Two nations, three official languages, both occupied at various points during their history by the United States, both passed through military dictatorships during much of this century.

Featuring white sand beaches, high mountain ranges,chaotic agressive drivers, baseball champions, LIVE pink flamingos, crocodiles, reefs, merengue, bachata, kompa, controversial immigration issues. We have foreign embassies, offices for the World Bank, the UN, UNICEF, and every NGO working on global development. You will be able to see a bit of Spain and a bit of Africa right next to each other.

New York City is the second city of both nations, where the presidents of both nations were educated.Remittances from America account for 10-20 of GNP of the whole island.

Come on down. Florida is Full.

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