Saturday, April 12, 2008

Big Error at the NY Times

The New York Times is still considered America's paper of record.Yet when it printed, on Thursday, the summary of President Preval's speech, it printed the exact opposite of what Preval said. The Times said that Preval would ask his Congress to ask for a cut in taxes on foreign imports.

Preval said that he would not cut taxes on foreign imports for without taxes on foreign imports how would Haiti have money to build her schools, her hospitals.

Since the speech was given in Kreyole, one would not expect the Times to have anyone on staff who could translate. But the next day, there were several Haitian newspapers who had summaries in French. Perhaps the Times could have done that.

I have sent a letter to the editor. I have called the corrections desk. I have emailed the corrections desk.

I have now informed you, my readers. I don't supposed I can do more than that. Except to say that some in the Haitian diaspora think that the this "disinformation story" of the NYTimes is an attempt on the part of the US government to rule Haiti from afar. Which, perhaps it is. But not, perhaps, good journalism.

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