Thursday, March 12, 2009

The War on the Other Front

While many in the world are focused on the hot wars in the Middle East, many in the United States are now turning their attention to the "other war', on their southern border, now erupting in violence in Mexico.

Many here in the Dominican Republic fear that the United States changes its drug policy, we will soon end up like Mexico. We here on Hispaniola are a transit point for 10-15% of the cocaine destined for the United States and Europe. We have an ongoing issue of assassinations, rising crime rates linked to drug trafficking, and deportations of convicted drug felons from the United States.

The former Presidents of Columbia and Brazil headed a commission on drug policy and have issued a call for a paradigm shift in international drug policy,printed here in English.

I hope that Friends will read this and begin, once again, a discussion on the subject.

It is my understanding that the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting did once undertake this discussion but the discussion was held over because of concerns of some Friends over the issues of addiction. The violence that is now ensuing makes this issue of paramount importance to the security of the hemisphere and the world.

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