Thursday, June 18, 2009

School Kits for Haiti

Here is something that you can do to help Haiti. Why not ask your Meeting or School or Church to participate?

Alice Lovelace, director of the American Friends Service Committee, has helped to launch a project for school kits for Haiti. The content list below was composed in concert with Pat Lucien, who is supporting a small school in Ile A Vache, an island off the south coast of Haiti which was first populated by freed US slaves.

Contact Alice or Patrick for delivery instructions.

Contents to be placed in one gallon resealable bags.
Student Kits

A recorder or harmonica
colored pencils
pencil sharpeners
notebooks with UNLINED paper
game of jacks w/ ball
playing cards
blunt cutting scissors
small nail clippers with the nail cleaner
toothbrush & toothpaste
small rubber bands for girl’s hair
hair Comb (pick)
hair Brush

Parents Kits

sewing needles
Coats and Clarke embroidery thread
needle threader
small embroidery scissors
reading glasses 2.0 MAG
small nail clippers with nail cleaner
a small penknife

Teacher Kits

colored chalk
stapler and staples
pencils & a sharpener
lined notebooks
a ledger book

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