Saturday, September 19, 2009

American Friends Service Committee

First my thanks go out to the Board and staff of the SERO region of AFSC in helping to assemble what I hope will be the first delivery of school kits for Haiti.

The AFSC Florida office now has three boxes, each 22 pounds, ready to ship. We are now working along with the Lambi Fund and members of the Haitian government, to see that the shipment is deliver to Haiti for the least cost, free of duty.

I ask for Friends further attention to Haiti on two matters.

First is to urge the Federal government to grant Temporary Protected Status to Haitians now living illegally in the US. Even the Miami Herald has come out in favor of this. Please call or write the White House on this issue.

The second is to support a bill which has been introduced in Congress to help with the establishment of a new program to bring students from the Haitian Diaspora back to serve as volunteers.

I would ask that all Meetings in SAYMA take these two issues under consideration and then perhaps minute their support.

From there, such support can be transmitted to FCNL which can really lobby for these two items.

Many many thanks to all of you who have heard my concerns for Haiti.

Elizabeth Roebling,
Asheville Friends Meeting,
Santo Domingo Worship Group
Dominican Republic

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