Friday, July 2, 2010

Britian Yearly Meeting

I call upon Friends in Great Britain to open their hearts and minds to the reality of British Petroleum, which has the worst environmental record of any oil company operating in the United States.

I call upon all Quaker and other Religious Orangizations to DIVEST of holdings in BRITISH PETROLEUM

The Petroleum INDUSTRY-- at a conference in 1989, in Newport RI, which I attended-- vowed

after the EXXON VALDEZ

that it would put in place all measures needed to protect us and our nation's envirnoment

from a similar disaster

Let the Federal Government take over the remaining assest of

what is left of BRITISH PETROLEUM

what a disgrace to the FLAG of our MOTHER COUNTRY

you are

hang your heads in shame


Jeremy Mott said...

Babette, you probably know this but
I want to make sure. The three historic peace churches are having a conference in the Dom.Rep. on 11/28/2010 and following days.
There should be at least 20 Friends there, mostly from Latin American nations. I think that you would be welcome, though not representing any Quaker group. You can find out about this on the website of FWCC--Sec. of Americas.

This conference is hosted by the
Church of the Brethren, which has
had a mission field in Dom.Rep.
for about 100 years, and in Hsiti
too more recently. There might even be an English-speaking Brethren congregation or two in the
Dom.Rep.; I don't know.

At any rate, at this conference you can be sure that you would find Quaker worship of every sort,
from unprogrammed to highly programmed. And you might have an
opportunity to speak about your
concerns. All worship and all
proceedings will be at least bi-
lingual, probably trilingual, with
translation provided.

You're entirely right that British
Friends should divest themselves of BP, which has long had
the worst safety record of all
major oil companies. Unfortunately,
like many U.S.Friends, British
Friends tend to be stuffy and
patriotic. Jeremy Mott

Babette said...

Thank you, Friend Jeremy, for this information. I did not know of this conference even though I have registered with FWCC as an isolated Friend. I will certainly check with the webpage and plan to attend, although I think the concern over BP and Britain Yearly Meeting is more properly the concern of Friends in the United States.

I am returning my focus to Haiti since it appears that despite the presence of major media, there still is a need for this Friend on this witness.

Jeremy Mott, said...

Babette, There ARE Quakers in Haiti. There are about half a dozen congregations of Evangelical Friends Church--Eastern Region, not in, but north, of Port-au-Prince. This group arose spontaneously, under indigeneous
leadership, found out about Friends, and joined EFC--ER. So
they might be a bit different from most of that body; I don't know.
They also have a few congregations
among Haitian refugees in the Dom.Rep. and in Florida. You might
want to visit them. There is information under EFC--ER on the web. Jeremy Mott