Monday, September 20, 2010

Perhaps I can help a alleviate some of the frustration around the dismal news from Haiti bit by supplying some links to small NGOs which I know are REALLY doing good, important work ,,,,, So that if you wanted to give a donation... or organize a fund raiser -- you would know that your money was going to be used properly and actually GET to folks on the ground.

Would that help?

These were all in operation long before the Quake...ALL of them have EXCELLENT reputations -- all are reasonably small .. These are all groups that have received awards -- or are simply mentioned time and again as the best of the best.....I have at one time or another supported all of them -- I wish I had more to give but alas. However, if you were to pick one or another, I am sure that you could organize a fund raiser -- perhaps even get a speaker to come to talk with a group about their work. (all have US bases except Veterimed, I think)

NONE of them are part of the "beltway bandits" that come in from Washington DC but are all solidly in the ... roots of the grass, so to speak.

A little bit of money sent to them will go a long way,,,,

And at least two of them - SeedsforHaiti and the Lambi Fund ... offer delegations should you want to visit....

All of these are secular - no religious teaching whatever (which is simply my personal preference for aid donations )

So you may find that one of these resonates with you:

Here is a project which provides scholarships to Haitian students to send them to University -- they have 105 or so students - who are now working in the relief efforts--

H.E.L.P. - Haitian Education & Leadership Program

Here is a project which works with farmers to help them to develop their small garden plots into sustainable farms:
O.R.E. Haiti Earthquake Relief Program

Here is a project that helps farmers engage in yogurt production in the North :

Here is the seed project to help the farmers in the Central Plateau:
Seeds For Haiti

Here an organization which works with peasants in the south

Lambi Fund of Haiti - Home
Here is the microfinance bank for the poor
Fonkoze | What's New

ANY of these would make VERY GOOD use of any donation -- no matter how small.


Anonymous said...

What about Partners in Health? I had the impression they were excellent, but I've never been to Haiti. Have you had other experiences of them?

Babette said...

Yes Partners in Health does have an excellent program - and is building a new hospital. I omitted them because they are not engaged in creating more jobs - more agriculture - more qualified leaders and also because they are very well known and have substantial international funding.

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!