Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cholera in Haiti

- 200 people have died so far
- Almost 2,500 people have been affected by the epidemic
- The areas most affected are: Marchand Dessalines, Douin, areas
surrounding Saint Marc, Archahaie, and the Bas Plateau Central
- The Antibonite river is the source of the epidemic
- The Ministry of Heath and the Direction of Potable Water (DINEPA)
assure that the response is being coordinated
- They need water, chlorine, hygienic kits, and portable beds for the
health centers and clinics which have exceeded their capacity
- It seems the contamination originated in three turbines at the Peligre
hydroelectric station.
- It appears as if the equivalent of seven drums of contaminated liquid
per day have poured into the Antibonite River between Mirebalais and
- To request assistance, please see:
- For information about cholera, click here:
Cholera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
- For the reaction from the US Department of State, click here:
- For Haitian OAS Ambassador Dully Brutus’ and PAHO’s press conference,
click here: YouTube - Press Conference, Cholera situation in Haiti
- For the latest reporting on the situation, click here:
YouTube - Haiti struggles to contain cholera!

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