Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Degree of comfort

I am settled in now. The dog, my Dominican street fluff.. who is the smartest dog I have ever met..insisted that we get a place by the beach.

So I said

"look here, Missy, I know that town and there is nothing there within walking distance of the beach that is less than $1000 a month."

And she said

"No - mommie-- I am sure.. We will keep looking"

And so we did. And so she found us the apartment on the beach, within walking distance of the best beach but totally protected from the weather by high stone buildings// but none that block out the palm trees or the clear shining stars in the black sky at night.

It is paradise.

And now that we are NOT going to make the island into a narcotrafficante paraiso, we have come up with a new plan

which is to turn the place into an ecotouristica paraiso

and teach you all how to live like Haitians

which is to say

in reverance to the ancestors

with respect for the Earth

with great faith in God

and amazing trust

and a smiling face

and a trusting heart

living on air and hope

and watching it all unfold

making art

welcome to

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