Thursday, July 12, 2012

bonus paid to sugar workers

Large bonus paid to sugar workers in the Dominican Republic

Good work, team!

Note this is not the company which was featured in the film The Price of Sugar, I do not believe....

but another.

None of the sugar companies are held up here as models of employment yet.

But this is the result, really of the work of ONE MAN, Christopher Hartley

who had the courage to simply SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER

Well done

Father Hartley

my hat is off to Thee

Hartley asserted that the following conditions exist here

. In a letter to the directors of Tate & Lyle dated July 10, 2009, he asserted that

 human rights violations 
continue in the Dominican Republic, which include "daily and systematic disregard for fundamental human dignity in the forms of “statelessness” (and its inherent lack of civil liberties),

 human trafficking, 

extreme poverty, 

child labor, 

racial discrimination, 

lack of education and healthcare, and

 general squalor

I concur

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