Sunday, January 20, 2013

legalize hemp production..

 have used marijuan as a medicine since i was twenty ... which is now a great deal longer than i care to remember. The diagnosis, made when i wa thirty,, after spending fotty days in the British Prison System. .. for shooting my mouth off about the war in ireland. Damn, there she goes .. shooting her mouth off again. Is bipolar. To which a psychiatrist once commented when i met him at a party.. was "congratulations"// When I told my mother that it ran in the top ten percent of the population in brains and creativity.. she said  |well, maybe it does come from our side of the family after all.

the psychiatric establishment here in the Domican Repulic has already stated that they wish marijuana to be included in their repetore. It was growing here during the Spanish Royal Realm.. as well.. you can see the gold leave medicine cabinet in the museao de casa reales.. the drawer that says cannibis satvia./ 

Now we have grass arriving through haiti supposedly but is suspect rather it is from Cali. Our grass in Grenada in 197? aarrived in rolled up newspaper on the federal boat from Jamaica. twice here i have smoked ganga that must have been laced with some psychodylic.. the bales are packed by machine.. this is not coming from either haiti or jamaica....... look to cali

haitians of course know it and smoke it and have no problem with it whatsoever. with my team, i can smoke in front of them .. as i do tobacco. which i also do but which is an addiction, which marijuana does not produce

another advantage is the pot smokers and cocaine users simply do not HANG.. we are the rastafarians and they are stilletto disco dancing..

so how about we just legalize it here on the island of hispaniola?

i mean.. hemp.. now/.

there was some good robe

almost as good as roebling cable
no wait

better.. no mining in volved

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