Monday, March 24, 2008

The US progressive left and Haiti

I am pleased to report that someone, finally, has named some of the issues within the progressive left of the United States. Dave Rovics, a folk singer whose music has sustained me for years, has this to say about the rallies organized by the ANSWER coalition.

Soon perhaps, the "left" in the States will realize that what is most precious to us all is freedom. That means Freedom of expression, of association, of movement - that is what attracts so many people to the US, that we are, indeed, freer that almost anywhere in the world. (I say almost even though I have not yet discovered a nation which has more freedom). Since I love freedom above all else, I do not support the governments of Chavez and Castro, because they limit freedom of speech, my most precious liberty.

Nor do I support the work of the Haiti Action Committee, which I believe is hate filled and dangerous, seeking to destablize a democratically elected government. They are working for Jean Bertrand Aristide, rather than the people of Haiti.

Nor do I any longer read Z magazine, which I find simply full of the same anti, anti, anti..

Or listen to Amy Goodman, whose blind support of Aristide has led to such dreadful misinformation about Haiti within progressive circles in the US.

Nevertheless, I have great respect for the opinions and music of this folksinger, who represents the best and the brightest of the United States. Listen up.

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