Saturday, March 1, 2008

Free Trade?

At the luncheon the other day, my Dominican neighbor who used to live in NYC while she worked at the United Nations, said

"I hear a lot of bad talk about globalization but whenever I look at my supermarket shelves. I say: Bring it on."

The DR signed the "free trade agreement " DRCAFTA last year. Now we are beginning to see the results on the supermarket shelves.

The lovely small local cauliflowers sit a bit bruised and battered on a shelf beneath their huge bright white American cousins bearing the "Dole" label.

The American veggies probably came by plane, using up umpteen tons of jet fuel. They were most likely fed on a diet that completely damaged the surrounding ecosystem, contributing to the toxic run off poisoning the rivers. They are the result of forceful US imperialism which aims to open up all the markets in the global south and Europe to its products, without reducing its own agricultural subsidies.

It is no way "fair trade" and only by some stretch could it be considered "Free"

I stand in solidarity with the citizens in the global south and call for an end to the US farm subsidies -which actually increased last year thanks to the pork barrell votes from the DEMOCRATS in Congress.

Viva La Huelga.

Viva Che.


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