Monday, January 19, 2009

The Drums of Aristide

I do not want to spoil the bliss of the moment on the eve of the election of our new President.

But I do wish to reach out across the waters to my friends on the American left, the ones who might perhaps listen to Amy Goodman.

I wish to ask for your Light and attention for your sister republic here in the Caribbean, for Haiti, first independent Black Nation in the world, second oldest independent nation in the hemisphere.

This coming week in Boston, Ms. Goodman will be hosting a forum in Boston, complete with Matt Damon, and Paul Farmer, and Brian Concannon, who was Jean Bertrand Aristide's lawyer. Although the title and stated purpose of this forum is to discuss "health and security" in Haiti, my personal intuition is that it also a publicity launch for the campaign of Aristide's chosen successor for the Presidency of Haiti, Yvon Neptune.

You may see this quite clearly if you follow the pages announcing this event.

Ms. Goodman, whom I used to respect as an independent journalist is, perhaps unwittingly, risking introducing back into this fragile island, some extremely dangerous characters.

One of pages of my blog that consistently, over the last three years, has received the most amount of traffic, is the post that I ran entitled "Aristide's Gang of Drug Dealers". You may read the full post here.

I urge to walk with EYES WIDE OPEN at this critical juncture for the history of our nation, our hemisphere and our planet.

Already, WILPF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom) has thrown its support to Mr. Concannon.

Although I certainly admire Dr. Farmer's work, I cannot fathom his continued support for Aristide.

I ask for the particular attention of Senator Christopher Dodd, who served here in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps worker and has long held a continuing concern for this Island.

Do not make the same mistake again, Congressional Black Caucus.

You can fool some of the people only some of the time.


Babette said...

I regret that you can no longer actually see the photograph of Brian Concannon in the car with Yvon Neptune, nor read the record of his strong defense of him.

I do not know Brian Concannon. We are both alumna of Middlebury College so clearly we are equally gifted in intellect. Perhaps he is blinded by his cause.

Jedidiah Daudi said...

Yvon Neptune was behind big land stealing developers who were paying for phony legal judgements taking land away from people. This happened in Kenscoff and Jacmel.

Preval won a landslide because people remembered that he was not a high life dude, nor a thief. I doubt that this will apply to Neptune.