Monday, April 13, 2009

Aid- what Aid?

Here in the Dominican Republic, some of the evangelical Christians transport medical supplies around the country by helicopter. This is a nation with good paved roads, very good local transport buses and government health care. There is very little need for helicopters. The locals must think that this protestant God is far richer than the old Catholic God that they have been worshipping for the last 500 years.

In Haiti it is much worse. There are missionaries - even (Shudder shudder)nominally "Quaker" missionaries - who teach and preach that the traditional African based form of worship is Satanic.

Alas Haiti is now being "served" by these missionaries and by a large group of international NGOs who appear incapable of accomplishing much.

The lastest report from the ground in Gonaives is that it is still 1/3 covered in mud. The more than 200 NGOs who are in place there, living in the elegant compound under UN protection, do not even have an evacuation plan for this year's upcoming rainy season.

With friends like these....

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