Monday, April 20, 2009

Haiti's elections?

Things aren't going so well for democracy in Haiti, it appears.

Yesterday, a third of the Haitian Senate seats were up for election. The Haitian Electoral council had already disqualified all the candidates from former Presiden Aristide's Lavalas party.

This was just posted on the Corbett listserv from a "usually reliable source" - in Haiti:

"How is someone supposed to vote?

The word on the street is: if you're going to vote, make sure you print your name on the bottom of your feet, so, when they find your body (without the head), you can still be identified.

The word from the radio: If you believe in democracy, don't vote.

The word from the internet: Due to upcoming elections and according to Haitian National Police sources, private vehicles will not be allowed on the streets from midnight Saturday, April 18 to 0400 Monday, April 20.
There will be no sales of alcohol from 1800 Saturday, April 18 to 0400 Monday, April 20.

The streets of Port-au-Prince are deserted today, Sunday, election day.

When the Haitian people voted Rene Preval for President back in 2006, they thought he was going to represent their interests.
Such is not the case. Preval and his entourage have decided that their interests are better represented by the Gang of Eleven (Haiti's economic elite).

Shortly before Prime Minister Alexi was removed from office he had arrested a member of Haiti's economic elite for import tax fraud. With Alexi's removal, the politic became "pro elite".

Drive the roads of the towns of St Mark or Gonaives, then drive in front of the beaches of Montrouis and you'll see who's benefitting from the Preval government.

You can't hate the Haitian masses and expect them to cooperate. When I drive from Port au Prince to Ennery or to Gonaives by way of St Mark, I sense hatred. I sense that the current Haitian government hates the Haitian people and the people of the countryside. The unpaved roads, the dirt, the dust, the mud speak volumes.

The Espoir candidate (Rene Preval's party) had more graffiti on his posters than any other candidate (read the writing on the walls)

The Gang of Eleven has their lobbyist in Washington and their man in the National Palace. Who's going to lobby for the Haitian people ?? Who's going to lobby for the Gang of Eight Million (the People) ?? "

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