Saturday, July 4, 2009

It is hot. I am allergic to probably everything. Feeling sorry for myself Missing My Quakers who are gathering now in Virgina, Missing my home country on this fourth of july, a holiday I usually avoid celebrating since I so mourn the wars and the deaths we have caused. But I do so love my country, despite her flaws. I fear I am becoming the worst of immigrants, imagining that everything was perfect back home.

There was a Quaker killed this week at Gathering. There were posts of her, finally I read one from her home meeting in Oregon, testifying to the fact that she was, indeed a Weighty Friend (the term we use for someone who we feel speaks from a spiritual depth)I knew that she had to be one because of the mannar of her death. She was hit while riding her bicycle at Yearly Meeting, in the Gathering of about 2000 Friends. Who would then, of course, hold a worship service for her passage.

Being the same age as Friend Bonnie Tinker and having been told by my sister that she will hold my memorial on the Internet since my f/Friends are so scattered, I admitted to being a bit jealous.

Safe Passage, Friend Bonnie

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