Friday, July 17, 2009


"Estoy aqui para apprender paciencia" I explained to the para leagal who was my companion through the process of getting my residency here in the Dominican Republic. I am here to learn patience. "the ability to supress restlessness when faced with a delay"

We had inched to the front of the line to be told that no, the photocopy of the passport would not do, the original was needed. He worked for the attorney. He should have known. They should have told me. I should have known. It was the government. Of course, they would need the original.But I have already had five years of learning not to get angry. Since Dominicans are very very slow to anger. What would be solved by anger?

These people are good for my soul.

Later at lunch, I was explaining a bit about my religion, the Quaqueros, which sounds like a gathering of ducks in Spanish..... about the peace testimony.

And he came back to my statement.

I am here to learn patience.

Paciencia in Spanish is, he said "la science de la paz"

The science of peace

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