Sunday, March 28, 2010

Notes from Morse

When I used to go to those Regime Change meetings in Washington  DC six or seven years ago with Lionel Delatour, he always used to say that in Haiti, Washington DC was our "checks and balances". It seemed like such an intelligent yet smug remark at the time...

What Mr Delatour failed to recognize is that the Haitian People (The Haitian Masses, "Pepla"), don't have lobbyists going to Washington to sell programs to the powers that be. The reality is; the Delatours, Preval and the Elite Families they represent, have a "check and balance system" in Washington DC but no one else has access to that system. The system is costly yet effective.

This Haitian Triangle (the executive, the lobbyists and the families) have done nothing to help the Haitian people since the tragic EarthQuake on January 12 (the EarthQuake I like to refer to as SAMSON). All the Haitian Government and the FAMILIES do is have meetings and draw up papers and policies to try and funnel a potential 14 billion dollars into their own hands.

My Regime Change Meetings used to take me to the World Bank, the Inter Development Bank, USAID, and a host of others so, when i see these Institutions making decisions about post EarthQuake Haiti, I know how they came to these decisions. I've been there with Lionel Delatour and the Triangle he represents.

Local politics in Haiti are a crime..

Richard Morse
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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