Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clerking One's Own Concern

I had the benefit of a wonderful education. I was placed under the guidance of the Quakers at the early age of 3 and one half. They had my mind and spirit to mold until I left them 14 years later.

Then I fell back into the arms of the family church, the Church of England, here in the United States The Episcopal Church, when my father ceded custody of me to The Rt Rev Kenneth Riches, fondly known as The Bish, who had been "adopted" by my great aunt in New Jersey', when he was a young seminary student. So I was escorted through England by the Bish's daughter Anne... who, three years or so older.. and INFINITELY more sensible .. was charged with chaparoning me and seeing me about... We used to hang out at her house.. Which was the parsonage... for this little church.. here

So I called her yesterday.., at her home in Lincoln

To suggest that the World Episcopal Church\

might wish to undertake the rebuilding of the Episcopal Church; Seminary, and Cathedral of Haiti.. which appears to be the Largest Diocese... is this possible? in the hemisphere? could Wiki be wrong?

Anyway.. we lost the Cathedral.. Which was a repositry of some of the finest of the art..

And the Seminary... where I myself received spiritual comfort

Since the Building of a Cathedral is a project that should rightly take Centuries\
There is no hurry

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