Sunday, June 27, 2010

Retirement in the Dominican Republic?

Now I know that some Friends will react to the tone of the Sovereign Individual material as being focused on personal wealth and generally "unpatriotic"-- after all.. are we not Americans? Do we not owe allegiance
(and taxes) to our government? I assume thar for most of us, our personal and religious convictions come above our political convictions.. i.e. We are perhaps Quakers before we are Americans? 

And nothing precludes anyone from continuing to stay in the tax juridiction of the United fact if there is any money received from the United States, it is still subject to tax.

But I wish to lay before Friends, in particular,and other socially committed elders, the possiblity that they might be more useful.. to themselves and the world at large.. if they would consider spending their active retirement years here in the Dominican Republic.

I will admit that my primary motive is to have more than two of us at First Day worship!!

But there is much to do here.

And the weather is favorable - year round between 70 and 90 degrees, mostly sunny.

Local medical insurance for life (at $2000 a year) must be purchased before the age of 64. Estimates are for a middle class life style, expenses run between $1500 and $3000 a month in the Capital and beach areas. To live on the level of the Peace Corps and in many of the smaller towns takes between $500 to $1000 a month.

I have a guest room available for visiting Friends should anyone sense a Call.

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