Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Front Porch of the Hotel Oloffson

To Richard Morse, Advisor to President Martelly of Haiti
From Elizabeth Roebling, Regent to the Queen of Quiskeya

Just to report that there are now a 2 million Haitians here in the Dominican Republic. Add to those numbers about 15% of the Dominican population which has no papers – some , many of Dominican Haitian descent. So this numbers more than 10% of the population on this island. Who have no state papers

Therefore, we are going to offer them all temporary papers under the Fundacion Zile, run by Edwin Paraison, so that they can be Quiskeyans. Or, Kikans, if you will

We have decided to be ruled by a queen who will be elected by the children and the dogs 

(I have been lobbying for the dogs to have two votes but the cats have very rightly point out that then should have three—this seems just to me since there are so very few cats here. Most have been eaten. But this is just to show you that there are election problems all over. However, we have found out now that both the dogs and the Haitians here are psychic  as are we... so things should move on a lot faster now)

The grandmothers will chose the chieftans

We are declaring the waters surrounding this sacred island as a Marine Sanctuary

And are hereby banning spear fishing

I ask for your personal assistance in this matter.
      We may be hungry but we are not stupid. Our coral reefs are our main tourist attraction. No more coral jewelry. No more spear fishing

I do hope that you will make some sort of very public announcement on this -- something cool at Cayman Bois with the conch...

and that you will come visit me at my beach place in Las Terrenas, Samana which is on the front (or hind) flipper of the Great Turtle,

I would also love to see some very high end beach towels made here at the ONLY certified sweat shop free CERTIFIED factory in the world - at Altagracia.. A map that shows the ENTIRE ISLAND ARCHIPELAGO,please. since we only have maps of our side of the island.. may have to take to small boats for outlying islands and make camps over there with y'all.

My happiest memories are from your front porch
Kembe la


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