Friday, March 2, 2012


Dieudonne Braveus and I had a meeting today with the directors of the International Office of Migration this morning. They have said they will COME to Las Terrenas early next month to do an assessment and will undertake to relocate one thousand Haitians from there back to Haiti.

I cannot express my relief and gratitude. This organization has such weight and force, such competent people. I know that it will not take care of all of the 3 to 5,000 Haitians who are in Las Terrenas - but we will keep looking for other help so that all the Haitians who wish to return to Haiti may do so.

This is the lifting of seven years of a heavy concern from my shoulders,

It is true that there is no money for us to keep the project going yet, to keep Dieudonne on any sort of salary or give food aid to the many Haitians there who are at the point of hunger... but it is SUCH a great help - to know that there is help on the way,

We stopped on the way home and I bought groceries and a new pair of shoes for Dieudonne.

Hopefully, by next month, he will be able to buy his own food.

I am so grateful.

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