Friday, February 8, 2008

At Arm´s Length

I have the dubious honor of being called anti-Dominican on Dominican lists and anti-Haitian on the Haitian lists. In time, I begin to break through a bit to the more intelligent posters, to those who are really interested in making peace, in having a positive outcome.

It is astonishing to me how invested these two nations are in their historical grudges against one another, how much they delight in nursing their historic wounds, how quick they are to turn their backs on one another, how little they seem to care for one another. Sometimes I just have to stand back and let them throw punches.

They seem to think that one can get along without the other, as if they did not share an island, an ecosystem, a history.

Sometimes there seems to be so much pain on both sides, that neither one is heard.

One thing that they can unite on is that --- it is usually the fault of the United States. Really.... from bird flu to the abuse of the Haitians...

Glad that we could be of use.

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