Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trade Embargo

Here is my take on the situation.

1.There is a standing boycott against the entry of agricultural products from Haiti into the DR. As a consequence, people in Azua are eating crummy Red Delicious apples with no nutrition from Washington State.
2.The banana docks at Pepe Salcido are completely unused.
3.There is an embargo on the importation of all poultry products from the DR into Haiti.
3.There is a backlog of trucks coming into at Jimani
4.There is a new town at Belledare
5.There is a beautiful city at San Juan de Maguana
6. There is an open road in from the Cap to Ouanminthe to Santiago
7. The lake at Jimani is flooding over the road

My recommendations are as follows:

The DR lifts the ban on agricultural imports from Haiti and allows Haiti to tranship through the DR
In return, the Haitian mango growers alllowDominican fruit growers access to their USDA preapproval hot water plants.
Haiti will lift the ban on the importation on eggs and cooked chicken products.
In return, the DR will assist and equip the government of Haiti in customs clearance equipment so that everything can be done by computer and wire transfers from Santo Domingo to Port au Prince. Currently Dominican drivers must carry cash for the taxes.

Traffic should be redirected from the flood zone at Jimini around to Belledare so that road crews can begin work on the road. This can be done of course, in no time at all, with very little money as we have about 300,000 workers within an hour who wake up every day with nothing to eat.

There is absolutely no question at all of lifting the ban on the importation of live chickens from the Dominican Republic into Haiti as the Dominican Republic is a cock fighting country and the roosters travel about in the arms of the men. Forget it. Never going to happen.

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