Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Delicate Balance

There were two ( and here )films recently about the terrible conditions of the Haitian workers on the sugar cane fields. In addition, a local human rights worker was awarded recognition by the RFK Memorial organization in Washington, DC. The US Embassy here has declared first one then another dance club off limits to Embassy employees because of racial discrimination policies.

There was a concerted push on behalf of some international NGO's, decrying the discrimination against Haitians here. There has been a loud scream that there is no racism here.

It is complicated. There is the issue of national sovereignty, of defending the borders against the "invasion" from a failed state next door.

And then there is racism.

But we have seen this in the US. We have had this discussion. We have come through denial.

Last week, 40% of the white males in the Georgia democratic primary, voted for Obama.

You will hear Dominicans talk about Obama. What they will say is, for the most part, racist.

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