Thursday, September 4, 2008

Aid to Haiti

Friends may wish to send aid directly to Haiti on the ground to the Ebenezer Ministries in Gonaives, or who to The Lambi Fund.

International Agencies do the best that they can to get aid into the area but thousands will die from this series of storms.

Please be mindful of this our special pocket of Africa in the hemisphere, our sister republic, only 15 years younger than the United States, who fought for the liberty of slaves in 1804, who stood against slavery, who fought for her freedom, who has stood isolated and alone through her long history. Which - while a colony- produced more than all the 12 US colonies combined. Which was held in complete isolation from the world until it was recognized by the US 61 years after independence. Which had to pay for its independence..... the only country in the world which had to do so..........

Haiti Cherie, who has preserved her indigneous animist religion, whose people while living with nothing preserve their dignity.

Haiti-- which has my utmost respect. And somehow holds the shadow of the hemisphere.

Lest we forget that our wealth came on the backs of slaves.

Lest we forget.

Let us not forget.

Write a check. You will feel better.

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