Monday, September 1, 2008

Mourning for Haiti

The last post is a poor rendering of the first accounting of the deaths and destruction in Haiti-- about 35 dead and many homeless.

I am struck as I watch on CNN the pictures of the high end evacuations in New Orleans in front of Gustav juxtaposed with the pictures of the thousands and thousands of people wading in waist high water in India.

Note that there were zero deaths in Cuba which does a wonderful job at evacuations despite the fact that they cannot feed themselves and do not have freedom of the press.

As those of us,(Thank you Al Gore) who understand climate change understand, the storms will be getting worse and worse.

I am glad to see the calls from the US for clean energy.

I hope that all you who are ready this have changed to low light bulbs where you can.

Down down down,,,, to 700 kwh a month-- if you can... please... do what you can..

I am off to look for higher ground, next to some campesinos who will teach me to learn with nothing nothing nothing

I had cherished the hope that I would be able to move back to my beloved Haiti but alas...

the kidnappings

and despite the fact that there would be no one to pay for me--my Quaker Meeting would consensus for 10 years over it, and my family would certainly say "oh, aunt lizi is always getting herself into this sort of jam!!"... since clearly it would cost the kidnappers too much to feed me--well,, it would end badly for all concerned.

but Haiti will always hold a piece of my heart.

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