Friday, February 24, 2012


So there will be little help for small Dominican businesses or for the Haitians who are here.. since there appear to be so many Americans who are intent on making money themselves.

Of course, if the Haitians here were sent home with tools.. and perhaps even a small group -- actually-- I had only hoped for 30 or so at first... then they could STAY in Haiti and work rather than just come over the border again.

I hopefully have a meeting with some folks of International Office of Migration next week to see about the possibilities. They have already relocated a few thousand Haitians back to Haiti.

Not all the aid that was pledged to Haiti comes from the United States and some other nation may be interested in helping the Dominican Republic as well as Haiti.

The DR is not a wealthy nation and cannot continue to absorb and care for the number of undocumented Haitians that are now living in the country,

Nor should they be expected to continue to care for mothers and children.

But without some serious international assistance project to relocate the Haitian here back to the Haiti, they will remain here in the Dominican Republic. And they will continue to arrive.

A pilot project that started to take back workers, with their tools.. that is, with the possibility that they will be able to make their living over there, might start a return migration.

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