Monday, January 14, 2008

Different Types of Quakers

My parents (Episcopalian if one could call them anything) scoured Greenwich Village for a school that might have 1) a semblance of discipline, 2) a tuition program that was not on a sliding scale,3) teachers who did not wear jeans and 4) the students did not address the teachers by their first name. When they discovered Friends Seminary, with its suitable exterior, stiff tuition, competitive entry requirements even at the kindergarten level, they were smitten.

It was not for another 12 years after I refused to make my debut (I mean, can you imagine a Quaker debutante?) and started marching with the Congress of Racial Equality.that they discovered what the Quakers had wrought. By then, of course, it was much too late.

Here from the Facebook group --- are the children I would have had. Had I had any.

Quaker Hippie Children
Common Interest - Beauty
*you're only really alive when in a cuddle puddle
*you eat whole-wheat bread and organic salad mix at home
*you indulge on the occasional Newman-O
*your threshold for weirdness, quirkiness, and everything avant-garde seems to be much, much higher than that of anyone around you
*you laugh and dance in the sunshine, with a garland of flowers in your hair
*you will put a daisy into the barrel of a gun
*you have a hippie bumper sticker present anywhere in your life
*you attend Quaker meeting (although not necessarily required; there are many of us who are QHCs at heart, but aren't actually Quaker...)
*you have ever been asked to use an "I" statement to describe your feelings
*your parents would rather have bombed San Francisco than even consider spanking you
*the people who raised you opposed 'Nam or ripped up draft cards
*there was a time when your parental units could have been plucked off the street and deposited into the cast of HAIR
*there is more than one person in your life obsessed with Latin America and adopting Latin American children
*you have ancient LPs lying around the home
*you light a stick of Nag Champa when the mood strikes
*you go to retreats surrounded by an odd mix of really straight-edged people and hard-core potheads
*you play Ultimate Frisbee, Capture the Flag, or Wink ;-D
*you are completely for any kind of love, in any form
*there is a copy of Rise Up Singing somewhere in your home
*you own at least four tie-dyed or political t-shirts
*your parents were hesitant about voting Kerry because, although they are anti-Bush, they felt that Kerry was too conservative. Nader?
*you're NOT Amish!
*you don't (always) eat oatmeal
*your parents have nearly been arrested for protesting nuclear defense facilities
*you use only eco-friendly products in your home
*you compost
*you know at least one woman who doesn't shave
*you know at least one person who spells "woman"/"women"-- "womyn"
*you remember attending protests from a very young age
*someone close to you owns an accordion, an acoustic guitar, or a banjo
*at least half the people you know are vegetarian (or vegan!)
*you know at least one person who doesn't eat eggs, dairy, wheat, refined sugars, or anything grown further than 50 miles from home
*on the occasions when society demands that you confine yourself to shoes, they are probably the most expensive thing in your wardrobe and are very likely Chacos, Birkenstocks, Tevas, Crocs, Keens or the like [ADMIN COMMENT: God, I fucking hate Crocs.]
*you know more long haired men than you do women
*as a child, you played the card game "War"... er,"Challenge"
*as a young girl, your parents subscribed to New Moon magazine for you
*immediately after you came into the world, you were slipped into a CLOTH diaper, complete with large pins (and you remained diapered in cloth for the next few years)
*your parents not ONLY used cloth diapers, but made them themselves!
*you have the ability to insert tofu into any meal and make it taste halfway decent (most of the time)
*you enjoy dancing in the rain
*you go skinny-dipping in the Ocean of Light (hhahha)
*you go skinny-dipping anywhere else
*you know at least one woman who doesn't wear a bra
*you've grown up on hand-me-downs and thriftstore-bought clothing (rather than support corporations and overproduction)
*your family has participated in boycotts against corporations like Gap, Nike, Walmart, etc.
*you have one or more friends who can smoke anything out of anything
*summer means Ultimate Frisbee and Capture the Flag!
*granola has been a part of your childhood for years
*you have fallen asleep during Meeting at least once
*you'd rather go barefoot than confine your feet to the harsh reality of shoes
*you'd rather dream than confine your soul to the harsh reality of life

YOU ARE A QUAKER HIPPIE CHILD if any of the above, or all of the above, or even NONE of the above apply! As QHCs, we are not about to be anal about who is a QHC and who isn't!

Thee should INVITE your sistyr and brothyr Quaker Hippie Children! Ahhaha.
And feel free to declare yourself an OFFICER... just reveal to me your TRUE INNER HIPPIECHILDE NAME, so I can make it official.

I'm really bored, so here's a list of possible officer names to choose from, if you so wish to be promoted:
Bohemian Babe
Hippy Hippy Shake (actually a song... who knew?)
Natural Womyn
Cannabis Rex (not advocating pot, either...)
Communist Whore
Child of Light
Contact InfoOffice:
Make Love, Not War
Across the Universe

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