Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our Man Barak!!

After a real dip yesterday, reading the news from Kenya, feeling - again- the suffering in Haiti- I was energized by watching Barak. For the first time in forty years, we (the collective American public) is falling in love with a presidential candidate.

Not since JFK have we seen this sort of emotion in the presidential race.

Here is the real change that our nation and the world is hoping for.

If you have not done so, please read both his books. He wrote the first one when barely out of graduate school, many years ago. You will discover him to be extremely bright, delightfully personable, well trained, compassionate, erudite, and honorable.

I, for one, have already sent him a campaign contribution.

If you are a US citizen, please consider donating to his campaign. As you will see on the link above, Obama is not accepting contributions from political action committees.

We might actually have a DEMOCRACY within our sights.

Makes my heart sing.


realidad said...

Wow Barak Obama compasionate? I don't get how you can like a person who likes war like the rest of the crooks and murderers in both parties...excluding Dennis Kucinich the only one who voted AGAINST THE IRAQ INVASION...I don't know how you can like Obama and be a peace activist.

Babette said...

I respect Kucinich but I do not believe that we have the privilege now of wasting our votes. Two elections ago, I wanted to vote for Nader who was kept off the North Carolina ballot. In my fit of peak, i voted for the Libertarian candidate. Well -Gore won anyway!