Monday, April 30, 2012


The team from the IOM went up to Las Terrenas last week with my friend Dieudonne and met with some of the Haitian ministers in town. Dieudonne reported that one of them said that I had not done anything for the Association of Haitians in Las Terrenas. And that he, himself, did not want to return to Haiti.

He said that then , one of the women from the congregation stood up and said "but I , I want to return to Haiti."

And then Dieudonne took up my cause and said that I had ORGANIZED the visit from the IOM.. that these people from the Capital in their bright shiny new van with the important logo, were only in town because I had gotten them there with my work.. and that I work EVERY DAY.. for the Haitians here.  He said that the folks from the IOM nodded their heads in agreement.

And then he said that the IOM promised that ALL the Haitians in Las Terrenas who want to go back to Haiti, will go back to Haiti. With papers.. and everything!!

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