Thursday, April 12, 2012

We Promised them, didn't we?

Before the earthquake in 2012, Haiti was the poorest country in the hemisphere.

It is also the second oldest independent nation in the hemisphere.

The first black republic.

The first nation in the world to break the chains of slavery.

After the quake, we, that is the rest of the world, poured out our hearts. Estimates are that one of every two Americans, for instance, pledged or gave money. You had telethons, and dance contents and concerts.

Here in the DR every single church, business, and grocery store raised collections and sent aid.

But now looking at the international pledges, the big donations from governments, I see that only 11% of the money has been given

And I ask you.. What are you waiting for? Are you  waiting for the tottering remnants of the extremely fragile government to collapse?

The Presiden is doing his best. He is perhaps conducting the country's business in a circus tent left over from Cirque du Soleil. The Nevada real estate developer who contributed it got a tax write off of five million dollars.

Is this the best that the international community can do?

A UN force that brings cholera then refuses responsibility for it, rapes both young boys and girls and points its weapons at the peaceful residents.

Grant money that is so restrictive that it does not take into account conditions on the ground.

And no money for the government....

Every Embassy in the world is there and watching.

Do you think that they can rebuild their country with air?

Please send THEM the money.

You did PLEDGE it, did you not?

TWO years ago, was it not?




Just give them the money,


before we lose the entire island to the cartels

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