Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bermuda Triangle

The back story behind that race was that Condor of Bermuda sailed by men in the water. The skipper refused to stop and resuce. The crew was on the verge of mutiny when they docked. None of the Class A boats either stopped or returned to sea to rescue. None of the yachties volunteered with the Royal Navy Lifeboat volunteers. They simply sat at their hotels and got on with their race stuff.

I manned the volunteer desk in French. The British, I believe, set out to conquer the world due to their inability to learn another language. By the end of the second day, I was turning over operations to the night crew.

We had 19 deaths.

It was the largest peace time sea loss ever registered.

In lieu of the awards service, we had a memorial service.

There was no press on the docks.

The only reporter who even came out was someone from the Reader's Digest.

One woman that I spoke to.. when I asked her what would happened to the skipper of Condor .. if the allegations proved true...

"well, it's all true. We all know it is true. But it will all be forgotten."

And I said

"Not as long as I live"

So I would like to call on you... you of the Royal Ocean Racing Club, of the New York Yacht Club, of the Southern Ocean Racing Circuit.. you of the 1%

You -- \Ted Turner

who has the gall to be showing MAIN SAIL

on CNN and

devoting you entire news channel to the dog and pony show of the US elections instead of bring the American  people the news of the world and visa versa]

why not bring the boats to Haiti?

There is so VERY attractive real estate here...

I mean some very serious and beautiful land

And some gorgeous people

Jamaica, for instance.. only has 3 million people on it... check that one out...

only three million people on an island that size

now if we were to have a yacht race that went from ..



key west




santo domingo

could we not have a party

in jacmel

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