Monday, April 9, 2012

Buyng my Boat

if you follow along the time line of my blog you will see that i was working first with the Haitians up in LT who had kwashikoor last summer.. then with Interpol on the narcotrafficantes from August til Dec... so I really had had no time to check on Haiti . I just assumed what with all that talent and brains and money combined, some sort of progress was being made.

But I can never underestimate the stupidity of men sitting inside of rectangles. Instead of progress, we have moved backwards.

Now we have the sole figure of the remants of the Haitian state tottering.


About 15000 armed, uniformed, unidentified mercenary reportable to no known person roaming the streets and the entries to public buildings

and the Haitian government is launching a logo campaign for tourism

The radical leftest priest is rumbling revolution again

the drug dealer trained in Ecuador is right beside him

MINUSTAH having brought Cholera to the Island, continues to deny any responsiblity and continues to occupy at great international expense, importing its food from the Dominican Republic, occupying the best hotels in Ft Liberte, flirting on the internet, 

Relief net posts ALL the cholera treatment centers from all aid workers who are set up in place to deal with the victims who will surely come

the red cross used its 10 million dollar donation to buy prime land downtown where it plans to build a hotel to ensure its income stream

the top missionary is selling recycled garbage clothing on vogue

the best plan so far is for a korean sweat shop with workers housing with pit toilets


sure is lucky that none of that aid money fell into the hands of WYCLEF

he might have misued it

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