Wednesday, February 22, 2012

co incidences

A long time ago.. it became an adage that "there is no such thing as a coincidence"

as in.. if one is on a conscious path, there will be messages and connections/ road signs, messengers.

So I also met two new people.. one a grant writer in the philathropy department of the world wildlife fund.. and another who is working for a German NGO on educating on the environment about the dangers of plastic bags.

We have plastic bags everywhere here

all over the place

we are awash in them

and we also have birthing whales and nesting turtles... nesting sea turtles

The woman from the Wildlife Fund went berserk... TURTLES? you have TURTLES? Because there is a TON of money in grants for Turtles!

Now we have carved turtles here . they are made of our guayacanes wood.. lingam vitae.. and most of our homes -- at least in Samana.. will have a turtle in them

When we have a problem


tell it to the

We would like to make of this island Quiskeya... a sanctuary for Turtles

and birthing humpback whales

to be kept free of pollution of all kinds

to make it a model for a sustainable future

we will call it


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