Thursday, February 9, 2012

Political Advise for President Martelly

I posted this on the English list serv before the Haitian election in April of 2011 and asked that someone print it out and put it in the hands of Sweet Micky.

They assured me that they did.

Hola, Sweet Micky!
> First, let me say that I love your music. And we need more music here on
> Quiskeya.
> I am an American journalist, seven year resident in the Dominican
> Republic, lover of Haiti where I used to live. Quaker. Peace Maker. I
> speak three languages. I am a political science graduate of the City
> University of New York.
> I have advised US Senate candidates,.( ok, we lost but did really well in
> the primaries! against all odds)
> So know that I offer you this advice (free, I might add) so that.. IF you
> should
> win (and that is entirely up to your people) we can move forward in peace
> and solidarity. The elections are only ten days away and you need to
> clear this one up ASAP as soon as possible.
> Now I have watched your interview with Nuria, who is just about the top
> of our journalists, and I want to applaud you for your Spanish. It was
> really great to hear you speak it. It is about your what, fourth
> language? So good for you.
> But it is clear that you did not really understand the subtleties of
> the questions, are not quite up to date on Dominican Haitian relations,
> and therefore fell into quicksand. See
> this
> natic-said.html
> So, never do it again.
> Should you get the chance to speak to the Dominican press, always have a
> professional translator. Take your time. Understand the question. Ponder
> it. Then respond.
> Your remarks and those of some of your supporters have started a
> brushfire here
> which threatens to undo all the great work of solidarity and friendship
> that has
> been forged between the two countries.
> The Domincan Republic poured its heart out to you in your time of
> trouble. They were the first on the ground. There was not one store or
> church or neighborhood which did not collect goods for you in your time
> of trouble.
> 1. Whenever you speak about the Dominican Republic you must first THANK
> them for
> their incredible support to you in your time of need
> 2, Always use a translator when you are speaking with the Dominican
> officials or press.
> 3. Understand that over 10,000 Haitian women a year cross into the
> Dominican Republic to give birth (.and this figure is before the Quake)
> They make use of the free, public Dominican health services. This is
> primarily due to the fact that you have little to no public health
> services on the border. You have zip zero zilch, ie a building with a
> first aid kit, in Wanamet, you have a good hospital in Belledare, you
> have nothing at the Jimani border, you have a clinic now under the
> direction of Batay Relief Alliance, run by a Haitian, Ullrich Gaillard,
> on the border at Anse a Pitres.
> The Dominican Republic treats all these mothers free of
> charge.
> ominican.html
> Because most of them have had no prenatal care, their deliveries are
> often difficult.If the births are difficult, the DR, Free of Charge,
> transports these Haitian mothers to their best maternity hospitals in
> the DR.
> When these mothers give birth they are given a birth registration for a
> foreign birth, a pink page, called the Libra Rosada. This was instituted
> by the government here after the court case in the Central American
> court This is the same paper that is given to child of any foreign
> mother.
> After they give birth, Haitian mothers must go to the Junto Electoral (as
> Dominican mothers have to do as well) and get an official registry of
> their birth.
> Understand that 15% of the Dominican mothers do not have the wherewithall
> to seek these papers, and their children cannot therefor enter high
> school..
> THEN if the Haitian mothers are born in Haiti, they must register the
> births with the Haitian Embassy here in Santo Domingo.
> (NOTE the embassy here is notorious for saying that they cannot do
> anything and referring people to PAP, The DR receives the least educated
> of all the Haitian diaspora. Many cannot read or write. Understand the
> burden that the failings of your nation have placed on this country)
> You need to promise to increase the capacity of the Embassy here so that
> all these Haitians who are born here have valid and definitive Haitian
> birth certificates.
> Promise to increase health services on the border so that the Dominican
> Republic
> does not have to bear the cost of those of your mothers who are only
> crossing over for the health care.
> You need to thank the Dominican Republic for all the aid that has given
> to all the Haitan mothers over the years, their compassion, their
> support.
> And then promise that you will see to it that all those entitled to
> Haitian citizenship get their proper Haitian birth certificates.
> 3. Unification. NEVER ever ever mention the word.
> If a Dominican utters the word, you simply say that you are two
> different countries, with different languages and cultures, who each
> treasure their heritage, their culture, their language.
> Say that you understand that the Dominican Republic celebrates its
> independence from Haiti every year and that you have no wish, no
> intention, of again trying to unify the island into one nation.
> Say simply that you are not an historian but that you understand that
> there was a difficult relationship in the past but that was a long time
> ago and
> you wish to move forward as friends,
> noting that DR is now a more advanced country than Haiti and that you
> would welcome tourism from here.
> 4. The border...
> You need to announce that under your Presidency,no Dominican will need a
> visa to
> cross into Haiti.
> You will welcome all visitors from the Dominican Republic. You will
> only charge
> the modest transit fee of what is it $5? that other foreigners pay.
> You hope that they will all come and visit your pristine beaches, You
> will welcome them with open arms because we are sister nations.
> You need to do an interview VERY QUICKLY with all and sundry who will
> listen to
> you.. If you can get Jaqueline Charles of the Miami Herald to report that
> you are very sorry that you were perhaps misunderstood,
> that will be the absolute best.
> I hope that you will accept this in the spirit of friendship in which it
> is given.
> I cherish your people.
> kembe la
> elizabeth

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