Friday, February 3, 2012

The Donate Button

I've put a donate button up on the blog.

So why should you send me money?

Good question.

At first, I put up a post about paying off the debt that I have been carrying for the Vieques witness here

but that is ancient history now.. and no one forced me to go into debt for it. There were lots of folks ready to perform at a concert for me in Asheville but my Quaker Meeting had not consensed on a pass through fund so I declined.

Now the subject of donations came on up the local list serv here in the DR after I published the stuff on Narcotrafficing.. about how one guy was going to put a tip jar to buy my guitar.. which was on my Amazon wish list that I had posted.

My Taylor, which was the best guitar that I had ever owned, was stolen from me in a confrontation against the crack dealers in Las Terrenas seven years ago. I had felt compelled to hurl a rock through the plate glass window of the Belgian realtor who had first started the cocaine trade into Las Terrenas. I spent New Year's Eve in the police station. The Belgians refused to press charges after they interviewed me extensively in French and found me sober-- and I just kept asking them "why would I do that?" .. They have left town now.

Then there was the $6000 that I spent over the last six months in feeding the Haitians here in the DR. Three thousand for the food and another three for the gas and the rental car.. the only rental car that we had for the organizing of the 5000 Haitians.

But how am I, who has lived off a family trust all my life, going to accept money from someone who has, for instance, punched a clock all their lives?

Well, ok. That is a big one. Will I accept money, no. Can you buy me a beer? Absolutely! But I am not a big beer drinker so can I just put it towards the guitar?

Now when I was imbedded with the Interpol guys there were lots of folks who PROMISED to buy me a beer. So you guys owe me.

And I am reasonably sure that the Embassy or someone with deep pockets and a black budget promised to pick up the tab for all that driving around that I did == showing you what I knew about Pedernales and Constanza. So I believe that $6000 is on you.

And since Quakers are meticulous about money.. some would say cheap .. some would say hung up ,. but we will not labor the point.. let me tell you what I would do should the absolute best outcome happen

if I receive donations of #27,000, I can retire my debt entirely

I now pay $486 on this debt, with no hope of reducing the principal since I have friends who do not have enough to eat.

Now if I had $486 a month, I would hire Manu Emmeleat, a Frenchman who lives in Las Terrenas, who is a local construction expert,here

This would only be part time for him but Manu would be able to ORGANIZE the Quiskeya Corps, get the guys their references and papers, talk to various builders, help us get things rolling on the ground. Since he is French and knows all of the builders in town and lots in Santiago and Santo Domingo.. has a completely LEGAL business in the DR.. he would be invaluable in both making contacts with Dominicans and helping us get aid from France.

I already have an apartment up there that we can use for an office. Ditto my big computer that I can take up there.


can I use your money well?

I believe that I can.

Please Donate.

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Ross said...

I hate this! I cant post a comment. I saw the USAID buildings..bird Nov. are children going to get up and down the steep metal steps..lots of accidents there! The covering is just another kind of plastic..+ NO KITCHENS..I guess they are supposed to order pizzas!
Please message me on Facebook..I am cecilia russ..this doesnt work for me. I have also tried to feed goes fast. btw..the NEXT day after I saw the builds they were doing..a detachemnt of UN..about 15 plus the top guy with a big double barrel shotgun came thru the hotel.and lastly..he wanted my picture!!! Haiti is not free..the building is all a scam..and 90% of ht profits must go back to the us..
junk, schools..just juncky designs!