Friday, February 10, 2012

morning pressure valve release

there has been a good morning chat on the local message board

and I am now a member of a select group of Bad Ass Friends on Facebook

as well as being included in the South Eastern Yearly Meeting as an official Quaker Witness in Hispanola

So this is begining to look a bit more like P

since Emma promised me that I would not have to come to the revoltion

if i did not get to dance

my nephew is coming in to visit from puerto rico,,, his first time on the island!!

we are going up to the beach in Las Terrenas.. oh so beautiful

i bought five pounds of chopped beef and made it into a giant meat pie and am now dividing it into single servings and wrapping in foil and freezing so that there will be food for my haitians ...

i will even wash the dog.. the shihtzu ,, the sacred .. my universal translator and bodyguard

now that we have hot water, she almost likes the bath

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mikelohre said...

I really appreciate your writing and your perspective. Thank you and God bless you and grant you peace!