Wednesday, February 22, 2012

leaping lizards

follow along now as we leap

there are no maps of this island... except old pictures or parts of BIG maps

no road maps.. no school child sees a picture of an entire island here

but we are an island. we are a complete ecosystem

our rivers connect

our peoples have intermingled here for 500 years

so we need a map of the entire island

so that she can be preserved

and we will have that printed on a beach towel... to sell to some our 4 million tourists

then we will have our wonderful Haitian baskets, called macoutes

brought over here
to the developed side of the island where the tourists come

and painted by some of our resident Haitian artists

and sell them, along with the towels, inside the All inclusive resorts

along.. with .. perhaps some of our other wonderful products

such as the Snail spit shampoo.. barba de caracol...

and then slowly.. we will teach people how to live

on the back of the turtle



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