Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cumbre Santo Domingo

I have been dragged back to work since we are to have a huge Haiti hoe down here on the east coast .. out in Punta Cana of course.. so that the giant NGOS can start depleting their budgets...

A poster on where I post under Mountainannie... and where we are holding a lively discussion on the Haiti Earthquake discussion board asked me about Chavannes Jean Baptiste...

 Who is leading the fight against accepting the sterile Monsanto round up ready corn seeds which the company so generously gave one NGO

All I can say that everyone that I respect in Haiti circles respects him as a man of great integrity

His words speak my mind
It has been the misfortune of both these nations to be in the proxy war between the rising left of latin american and the repressing right of multinations based in the united states

food sufficiency for Haiti is the number one national priorty

any efforts to build more factories before food sufficiency is achieved should be seen as an attempt to occupy the island as a slave labor camp