Monday, November 19, 2012

Full Disclosure

I need to now identify myslef for the sake of full disclosure

My legal name is

Elizabeth Parish Eames Roebling

Born New York City, April 15 1947
US Passport Number 71167776

Parents, Betty Waldo Parish, Society of Mayflower Descendants etcher and engraver, Richard Comyn Eames, New York Yacht Club

Educated Friends Seminary, Middlebury College, Hunter College, BA< Ecole du Montcel (Jouy-en/ Josas France) Escuela Francisco Marroquin, Antiqua Guatemala

Employed. InterPress Service

I adopted the name of Roebling in honor of my paternal great aunt Emily Roebling, wife of the engineer  builder of the Brooklyn Bridge whose wedding veil I wore at my marriage. The Roeblings one of the founding families of the State of New Jersey. John Augustus emigrated from German at the beginning of the 18th Century.. settled in PA.. and started engineeering bridges. He had been trained in engineering in Germany but knew that the future of bridges was suspension and that the establishment in Germany would not let him build them thers.

I am a serving member of the Asheville Quaker Meeting, here on peace witness.

I was diagonosed with bipoler disorder after having served 40 days in a British prison for shooting my mouth off over the war in Ireland when it was under marshall law. I stayed in the same private mental hospital as Johan Nash for six weeks and was placed under lithium carbonate for 30 years.

With the help of my Quaker Meeting, I came off of lithium and went on to the new psychiatric medicinces.

I have smoked marijuana off and on since I was twenty years old. I have never found it to be addictive in that I could always stop. I have been somking tobacco since I was 14 and am completely addicted. But I have found that both marijuana and tobacco are medicinal medicines. The marijuana is the best psychiatric medicine that I know.

This war on drugs is merly a war between the north and the south the patent medicines pharma and hte









build a bridge


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breaking News

Here is finally unravelling the mystery of why this Quaker was called to this island.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Haitian Oil exceeds that of Venezuela