Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The implications of never ending war

The only reaction that I received from the last post was via a
Facebook response from a friend of a friend - remarking that we cannot talk about the 9/11 attacks - or sabotage- or false flag operation - as that is too polarizing an issue.

So let us look for a moment at the results of the 9-11 attacks.

Let us simply look at the financial result. The United States accounts for one half of the world's military spending.

Since 9/11 the US military budget has increased at the rate of 10% a year.

The US military spending has doubled since 9/11. This rise has not only been for war related costs but for expansion of the Defense Department.

See graph here.

The new budget includes even grater increases.

When discussing the Federal Budget, many include both Social Security and Medicare in the total federal pie, as seen in the link above.

However, Social Security and Medicare are both funded independently, from their own particular taxes. Those funds do not come from general tax revenue.

A more honest portrayal of the Federal Budget, one which shows the military spending as a percentage of the federal budget is shown here.

In order to move the political discussion forward, peacemakers would be well advised to educate the populace on the percentage of the their tax dollars which are being absorbed by the military.

This is the money that would otherwise be available to be spent on infrastructure, education, research, and all other federal programs which are not war related.

We must take time to engage in thoughtful and peaceful engagement with those Americans who are angry and frightened.

It would help if we were informed and mindful of the facts at hand.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What We Should be Discussing

As I watch the comedians on the Left mock the Comedians of the Right inside the United States, I wonder where the serious people are in the United States. Why are they not discussing 9/11 and the plan for never ending war which was launched on that day?

I knew shortly after the attacks that they had to have been engineeredas a false flag operation by the government of the United States.

There is ample evidence that this is true.

Why is this not now the central issue under discussion, not that Obama has shown himself to be yet another tool of the military industrial complex?

Are we simply going to sit around for the next forty years, as we did after they took JFK, RFK. MLK and Malcolm X?

Our nation will be in ruins by then.

Aux Armes, citoyennes!

if you have trouble viewing the video from here, the link is here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Perhaps I can help a alleviate some of the frustration around the dismal news from Haiti bit by supplying some links to small NGOs which I know are REALLY doing good, important work ,,,,, So that if you wanted to give a donation... or organize a fund raiser -- you would know that your money was going to be used properly and actually GET to folks on the ground.

Would that help?

These were all in operation long before the Quake...ALL of them have EXCELLENT reputations -- all are reasonably small .. These are all groups that have received awards -- or are simply mentioned time and again as the best of the best.....I have at one time or another supported all of them -- I wish I had more to give but alas. However, if you were to pick one or another, I am sure that you could organize a fund raiser -- perhaps even get a speaker to come to talk with a group about their work. (all have US bases except Veterimed, I think)

NONE of them are part of the "beltway bandits" that come in from Washington DC but are all solidly in the ... roots of the grass, so to speak.

A little bit of money sent to them will go a long way,,,,

And at least two of them - SeedsforHaiti and the Lambi Fund ... offer delegations should you want to visit....

All of these are secular - no religious teaching whatever (which is simply my personal preference for aid donations )

So you may find that one of these resonates with you:

Here is a project which provides scholarships to Haitian students to send them to University -- they have 105 or so students - who are now working in the relief efforts--

H.E.L.P. - Haitian Education & Leadership Program

Here is a project which works with farmers to help them to develop their small garden plots into sustainable farms:
O.R.E. Haiti Earthquake Relief Program

Here is a project that helps farmers engage in yogurt production in the North :

Here is the seed project to help the farmers in the Central Plateau:
Seeds For Haiti

Here an organization which works with peasants in the south

Lambi Fund of Haiti - Home
Here is the microfinance bank for the poor
Fonkoze | What's New

ANY of these would make VERY GOOD use of any donation -- no matter how small.