Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Poison Fruit

I see the USA now through an electronic lens of print and video. I have not lived there for eight years now nor have I visited in two. So it is becoming a foreign country to me. But my heart is breaking to see and hear the pictures and news that are coming out of my homeland.

My friends are mostly marginal. Many of my family are marginal as well. No one is doing well. Even my more prosperous friends and family are concerned about the violence, and the prospects for their children.

From a distance, it looks like an even fight for the presidency between two qualified and reasonable men.

This is not the case.

Because the giant think tank that is behind Mitt Romney is organized, funded, and the very personification of corporate control. Read his economic plan. Then read Rand Paul's budget plan, which got 16 votes on the floor of the US Senate and understand that the intention of this wing of the Republican party is out to bankrupt and dismantle the Federal government.

They will not fund regulatory agencies. They will dismantle Medicare, Medicaid, Aid to Dependent Chirdren, privatize Social Security, institute a voucher system for private schools.

The Federal budget is only to be used for the defense of the nation.

I do not stand completely opposed to this.For instance, now with the Faith Based Initiavite, we are now federally funding Bible based Christian missionary agencies.

Except for the fact that Clear Channel, which is owned by Bain, supports voices like Rush Limbaugh who has been spewing hate speech over the America that I love for years.

I lived in the buckle of the Bible belt. We did a Listening Project from our Quaker meeting  with the local pastors who came out so vehemently against gays/. I know a lot of these folks/ who i am sure flooded Chick Fil a in Asheville and are still '/// to be kind and good hearted and simple folk,,, tobacco farmers and banjo players.... not the sort of people who would have Rush Limbaugh to dinner.

 I lived with them for 20 years. They are not evil people.

But there is this wierd twist in the word of God where it gets written down and then the Book of Revelation got included and folks do not seem to know their hearts any more.

I do not understand the Book of Mormon although I have read a bit of it.

I have met several Mormons here who definitely walk their walk. And others along my life who also appeared to be gentle and loving people.

So I am not questioning Mr Romney's religion, even though I do not understand it.

But it does appear that the fruits of Mr Romney's tree is poisonous.