Friday, December 2, 2011

Narcotrafficante Paraiso

I now feel clear to report the following

The government of the Dominican Republic, including the sitting president, Leonel Fernandez, and his selected successor, Danilo Medina, along with other presidential candidates - Hippollito Mejia, Ito Bisono, and Soto Jiminez,

Have entered into an agreement with the Columbian cocaine cartel to send the toll money from the new highway built to Samana, directly back to Columbia. Current toll is now at US $60 for a three hour drive.

I accuse the following companies of being implicit in this scheme to sell off the Samana Peninsula in square meter plots, in Euros and Dollars, over the Internet.. And additionally charge them with human trafficking, money laundering, and slavery.

What they have now planned for the entire island is a ring road highway with expensive hotels , privatized electricity, privatized water supply, and no public services to the dark skinned natives.- They are to be reduced to abject poverty so that any form of sex, particularly pedophilia, will be available for a few pesos.

This makes Auswiztch look like Springtime for Hitler in Germany.

So far, I seen signs for the following operators along the narco highway

All three major leagues of the USA ,, baseball, football, and basket ball
Orange Telephone ... from France
Claro Telephone... from Mexico
Mobil Oil
Michelin Tires

Scotia Bank
Banco Popular
Banco BHD
Banco Progresso is under suspicion since they use Diebold cash machines which are Russian owned

Budwiser Beer
Presidente Beer
Brahma Beer

Ikea is under suspicion since it opened its premier Latin American store in a nation that only has a market of perhaps 2 million people. It is suspected that it did so in anticipation of future sales.

Also under suspicion are


Phillips Electronics

I ask that all journalists who were interested in the Haitian earthquake, to return to this island so that they might discover why no progress has been made on rebuilding Haiti.

I am the only English reporting journalist on this island for the last 7 years.

I ask that Friends hold me in the Light.

Checks in support of this witness may be sent to Asheville Friends Meeting, Asheville North Carolina with instructions that it is in support of the Haiti Witness.