Thursday, December 27, 2012

i am almost in borneo

i am here

the scheffleera outside my third floor office window just went out of bloon

the birds ate most of the seeds

i do not feed them when it is in bloom

new years resolution

be more like Woolman

and less
bitchin babe

My bragging wall

look.. i earned my own permanent press pass as a stringer to the United Nations office  for interpressservice

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Banned for your music

i do not know where i heard the story of when Mercedes Sosa performed in Buenas Aires

she was under a government ban to not siing

solo lo pide a dios

the plaza of the cinco de mayo was full

government snipers were on the roof tops

and sosa

turned to her band

and signaled
and they played

and she stood in front of the microphone
completely silent

as the crowd sang her
signature song

when i told this story
to my friend
peggy seeger



Moving South in Winter

I just read that the cost for student lving expenses at the University level for a Master;s Student, which is what I am and have been for the last forty years.. is seven hundred US per month

so no wonder i am feeling like a grande dona here in Santo Domingo with my

two thousand six hundred dollar retirement

no, please,

call me Dona... that is with the gngng letter n thing that i cannot find on my keyboard...