Sunday, February 3, 2019


I am STUNNED by the "well meaning " organizations from the left in the USA such as #CommonDreams that are spouting propaganda of which #RussiaToday would be proud. Those who know me, such as the 1699 others prisoners of conscience for #Vieques, know that I walk on the side of those who seek both justice and liberty.

What is happening in Venezuela is a fight against a dictator who is trying to secure a further 6 year term after what were widely considered to be a fraudulent election.

The two leading candidates from the opposition were banned from running. One, #LeopoldLopez was imprisoned for 3 years and is still under house arrest. #JuanGuiado is the last duly elected leader of the National Assembly (House of Representatives) and, as such, has the right and obligation under their constitution to declare himself as the rightful president. 

To see the situation/people in Venezuela only through the lens of globalization or capitalism/socialism is to discount the agency of both the people on the ground in Venezuela and the voices of the more than 3 million Venezuelans who have been forced to flee the country.

Per the press conference from the Guiado government is asking for primarily is 1)to open the channels of humanitarian assistance and 2) for the holding of free and fair elections at the earliest possible date 3) support from the international community in restoring democracy in Venezuela. They reject absolutely any sort of negotiation with the government of Maduro. The assumption of the presidency by Guiado is completely in accord with the constitution of #Venezuela. 

Unfortunately there seems to be very little co-ordination between #CNNEspanol and #CNN. If there were, the entire press conference would be translated and posted so that the English speaking public could be informed.

The government of Guiado is supported by the Lima Group which includes the democracies in this hemisphere - excluding the United States. 

Perhaps there are others who value the choice of an economic system over a political one - i.e. socialism/capitalism vs democracy/authoritarianism - but, IMHO, in order to be considered a successful nation one MUST have democracy (even flawed as the US is considered to be now) and then may choose the economic system. 

Let us have a #WOKELEFT. When your position is in lock step with countries such as Russia, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Iran, Turkey and North Korea -which did acknowledge the election of Maduro as legitimate- and Against Canada, Australia, The OAS and the EU - which did not -- 


#Guiado #Venezuela

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