Tuesday, February 2, 2010

aid and shipments

Hi all,

Today in S. Domingo I slipped over to the UN House at Rue Anaconda 9 (for
future mtgs for those of you in smaller NGOs - impt mtg place for all
cluster gps including nutrition, protection, etc. related to Quake) to
attend a weekly meeting of the UN Cluster Gp on Logistics... a regular
update they're having with key actors handling logistics for UN relief
effort via border.

This was attended by the major UN players and larger NGOs who are in the
humanitarian area bringing large-scale supplies into Haiti via the
'humanitarian corridor' being set up.Only a few non UN groups, but the info
relevant to all NGOs and gps seeking to bring supplies into Haiti.

There were some impt updates, and  but I also have to get earlier urgent
updates regarding orphanages uploaded and this will take me a bit of time

Not sure how quickly Cluster Group will put up their updates - so check
their site tonight.

Bottom line is that new container space, new warehouse, new flight schedules
for cargo, passengers out of Jimani (trucks), Barahona (v soon will be
ready). Fuel, trucks have been added to both P au P and Jimani ends of the
shipping routes. 20.000 gallons of fuel has been brought in, and fuel is
available to NGO trucks on BOTH ends, but you must work through the Cluster
Group to inform them of your needs in advance, at either end of the process.

Most impt info:

- All customs have been cleared for cargo for humanitarian aid via Jimani -
for next six months.
- Up to 100 trucks have been leased including 40 in Haiti, with another 39
coming. Currently 30 trucks a day are being offloaded at border for delivery
of aid to Port-au-Prince.
- trucks will be going across Jimani borde twice a day, at 2 pm and 7 pm,
via a formal system of container shipping that all UN and NGO agencies will
be required to use for rapid expediting and clearance of aid to Haiti.
-There;s a large inter-agency DHL-run warehouse in Jimami, for use by bigger
UN agencies that is already crowded.
- there's an additional 2500 sq ft warehouse space available in Jimani for
smaller NGOs who have cargo - they must contact this number at  DHL to make
this happen:

the DHL Contact tel at the Jimani warehouse is: 829-774-2225

Flights: '

UNHAS the UN agency is officially beginning cargo and passenger flights from
Las Americas airport for UN and other NGOs and it requires registering your
NGO with them, and prior reservation. NO groups with "more clout" or "higher
agency priority" will be allowed to bump another group as has happened with
private charter flights this past week.
.- There is a1500 sq ft warehouse space fat the Airport in Las Americas for
-Five planes for Unicef, WFP,

FOR INFO ON THE DHL warehouse --

Groups must using DHL warehouses in Jimani and a local shipping agent in DR
as liasion for offloading,

-- Anne-christine d'Adesky
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