Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I recently posted a report from the Quixote Center in Pennsylvania, about the first team of medical personnel to arrive in Jacmel. I am pasting it in below, and hope it is helpful. I can do some online research to get email contacts and the like, as needed.

Also, I have a personal contact with the director of the College Suisse in Jacmel, who is actually now in Switzerland for medical treatment, but who has been in contact with his educational institution (and abt his home) in Jacmel, and might be able to get an update for you on the medical situation.

His name is Gottfried Krauchi, and he is at collegesuisse991@yahoo.fr. Note that there is a scammer (shameful!) using a collegesuisse at gmail address, so do not reply if you get an email from a gmail address. I am ccing the real person now.

There was a posting on Corbett a few days ago from La Vallee de Jacmel, saying that they are in desperate need of food and water. I would think that might be a priority, but surely--with the level of destruction there--some medical help will be needed as well.

With blessings and appreciation for your invaluable work!

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Michelle said...

josef benz who was the cofounder of this school was my grandfather. i never got to know him much, so i'd love to learn more about this project. do you think there is any chance i could talk to mister krauchi? also, if possible, i of course would love to help.

love, michelle